June 24, 2008

A little geography lesson

I was browsing the net yesterday & came across these pictures (so sorry, I forgot to write down the URL).

You can see that Indonesia is quite big!!

I googled further, and found out that Indonesia's population of 230 million people makes us the
fourth largest country. However, if you look only at the land area, we are ranked 16th overall.

Googling some more, I found out that Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) ranks in the
top 10 of world's most populated cities. Jakarta's population density is around 12,000 people per kilometer square. I guess this explains why there is macet every day.

Well, these small infos were quite enligtening for me.
I knew that Indonesia was large (afterall...we have 3 time zones), but I never imagined that it was as wide as from Ireland to Russia!

*Have you read more interesting facts about Indonesia in my
"Did you know that..." post?

Btw, if you don't know where Indonesia is,the picture below may help you :)

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