February 17, 2016

Batu Secret Zoo

Address: Jl. Oro-oro Ombo no.9, Batu, East Java 
Phone: +62 341 597777
Website: http://www.jawatimurpark2.com/batu-secret-zoo/

This zoo is part of "Jawa Timur Park 2" complex (or for short: JaTim Park 2). So even though you just want to see the zoo, your ticket can also get you in to the Wildlife Museum (Museum Satwa) that lies just beside it. The Wildlife Museum exhibits a collection of well-preserved animals.

The zoo itself is bigggg. My friends & I spent about 3 hours there.. and that was done without stopping for food, skipping the kiddie rides (of course) and going through the last parts of the zoo in a bit of a rush because we had prior engagements. We went inside the museum for a bit but as soon as we noticed it was quite big as well, our tired feet made us choose the exit door :)

That is why I feel you should allocate at least half a day if you want to explore the zoo and the museum. That said, you can easily make it a whole day experience.

The most fun part for me was taking pictures wih a few of the animals. There was a fee of course, but they said the money will be used for conservation purposes.

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