June 15, 2008

Seasons in Indonesia

I have been feeling a little bit under the weather these past weeks (explains why I haven't written much). I caught a cold & haven't fully recovered yet.

Yes, eventhough Indonesia has a tropical climate, you can still get the flu. Usually it is common during the transitional periods between the wet and dry seasons.

Indonesia is generally characterized by 2 seasons. When I was in elementary school, I remember memorizing them as such: Dry season (April - September) & Wet season (October - March).

During the dry season, the weather will be very hot with no showers at all, while during the rain season, it can rain for days on end.

Nowadays it is not that simple anymore. As in other places, the weather is becoming quite unpredictable. Just these past 2 days, it has been raining, while actually it should be full of sunshine now. I guess global warming has taken its toll :(


utchanovsky said...

Have you ever hear that few months ago Bandung was filled by ice rock which is fallen from the sky.

Strange climate nowadays

Fitri said...

Yeah... I heard about that...strange & scary!

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