June 1, 2008

House of Sampoerna

Address : Taman Sampoerna 6, Surabaya 60163

If you are a museum lover and you happen to be in Surabaya (Indonesia’s second largest city), then be sure to visit “House of Sampoerna”. This museum shows you the story of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk, one of Indonesia’s well-known tobacco companies which shares are now majority owned by PT Phillip Morris Indonesia, a subsidiary of Phillip Morris International, Inc.

Although I am against smoking, I was really impressed with the museum. Not like most museums in Indonesia, this museum is well-maintained, well-designed and informative, with an additional benefit : you are allowed to take pictures!

The museum is located in a compound which used to be a Dutch orphanage before Liem Seeng Tee, the founder of the company, bought it in 1932 to be used as a central location for his tobacco business as well as for his family’s residence.

Besides the central building (i.e. the museum), there are two other buildings in the compound. The building on the left side is until now, still used as the family’s residence, while the building on the right has been transformed into a cafe and art gallery.

Apart from the company’s history, you can also see all things related to the cigarette-making process, and you can even watch the traditional hand-rolling process itself, since the compound is still functioning as a production plant.
Compound in 1938
The Museum - Now
Printing Materials
Tobacco Cloves

The Production Plant at Night - In the day, it is a busy sight

Photos courtesy of Kes...Thanks a lot Kes for your patience uploading them on the web!! :)

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