January 14, 2010

School Uniform

Last week, my office celebrated its birthday by having a "Back to High school" theme where we were required to wear our high school uniforms.

Schools in Indonesia require students to wear uniforms. Although private schools have their own dresscode, public schools use the same uniform all over the country, which differ by colour:

Students in elementary school wear a white short-sleeve shirt + red pleated skirt for the girls and red short trousers for the boys.

Junior high : white shirt + blue double-pleated skirt/ blue short trousers

High school : white shirt + grey single-pleated skirt/ grey long trousers

There are also matching coloured hats & tie that are usually worn at ceremonies.
I personally have nothing against school uniforms. I remember how proud I was wearing my grey skirt after years wearing a blue one. It felt as if some kind of "rite of passage". In fact, now that high school is (long) over...it was very nostalgic seeing all of us wearing the white-grey uniform. Below you can see the result, so...do we pass as high school kids? :)

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