November 29, 2012

The Goods Dept

Having trouble finding local Indonesian fashion brands? 
Besides (X) S.M.L and Minimal, I'm not sure there are any other Indonesian brands that have successfully opened their own stores yet (please let me know otherwise).

Luckily though, you can alternatively go to The Goods Dept at Pacific Place mall (1st floor). This department store carries brands made by local Indonesian designers. Not only clothing, you can find here shoes, bags, wallets etc. Cotton Ink (a brand already quite well-known online), is an example of one of the brands you can find here.

And after browsing the store, they have a cafe as well where you can sit down and relax :)

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November 28, 2012

Europe on Screen 2012

Just a quick post......It's that time of year again for movie goers in Jakarta: Europe on Screen 2012!

This year, the European films shown are divided into 3 categories:
- Xtra: high profile films (box office movies or those with well-known actors)
- Discovery: interestingly themed movies though with lesser known actors
- Docu: documenteries

As usual, most films are free :) so hurry up and check out their website.....
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