April 16, 2011

Solar Energy baby..!

Just a quick post before I head off to see a movie at the French Film Festival (yup, it's that time of the year again...how quickly time goes by).

Yesterday, I was quite surprised to see this ad in Kompas.

Now this is more like it. Nuclear energy for Indonesia? OMG...I can just imagine the disaster in that!!

With the abundance of sunshine (unless the polluted air of Jakarta is blocking its path), solar energy is the way to go. Learning from the past, I hope PLN plans this programme thoroughly & then execute it accordingly...otherwise it will be just another great idea that goes down the drain :(


Bram said...

And hopefully installing solar panel is no reason for PLN to increase electricity rate.

It's happening somewhere down south. Enjoy your movie.

Matt said...

With the nuclear disaster in Japan it should be a wakeup call that we should really be looking at alternative energy resources. Solar is a great option. Very encouraging!

Fitri said...

@bram: yup, and also i hope there will be no "mati lampu" hahaha how are you these days? i went to brisbane to attend my sis' graduation a few years back
@matt: before the events in japan, that the Indonesian government wanted to build a nuclear reactor somewhere in sumatera...nuts, right?

Bram said...

@Fitri: Good, been busy with uni so no time to blog lately. But I'm having holiday which is also public holiday so public library is closed. No reliable internet access for a while.

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