April 23, 2011

Art in Malls

Many art pieces are now showcased in malls. I personally quite like it since many of them are very interesting. Going to the mall is one of urban Indonesian's favorite pastime, so I guess it makes sense to have art pieces smack in the middle of it...I mean, if they don't come to you, you should come to them, right? Maybe museums should start doing something like this too to gain more interest from the public?

Photo from: http://indah-ariani.blogspot.com/2009/11/bila-batas-makin-mencair.html -
Art at Pacific Place

Taken at Grand Indonesia

I find this piece of a "melting" Borobudur very beautiful. And I bet this took quite some time to make!

Taken at Gandaria City

These window shutters are put together to form a wall which leads to a space displaying antique wooden tables. I love the colours...


Bram said...

Can you please write a post on Museum Gajah or Galeri Nasional. I haven't been to either one but I'm interested in knowing what's inside.

On a recent stay in my hometown, I managed to visit Museum Bali but it was disappointing. Perhaps I'll write that down in my blog soon. :)

Fitri said...

Actually I've written something about both places, but not about the inside of them. The new wing of Museum Gajah is well-organized and it has a modern museum feel. Galeri Nasional should have a vast collection of art pieces, but when I went there, there was nothing (I think they were renovating or something). So, i'll put these on my to do list :)

Uchan said...

Yap, I think our government should take a lesson here. Managing an asset is a great infestation for tourism. More over, they were our country social culture asset.

Running a museum it can not be done by placing antique stuff into rooms. Government should contact a designer, a marketer, make them interesting.

Compare to Singapore or Malaysia, managing natural resource were very poor. Many antique stuff in museum were untreated and slowly getting damage.

Fitri said...

@uchan: there are so many things the government needs to improve, mudah2an bisa ;)

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