August 9, 2008

Traditional Indonesian Bathroom

I recently got a query from my colleague overseas who is drafting up a questionnaire for a multi-country study on bathing habits. Because of this, I was aware that our bathing habits may be quite unique.

First of all, it is common to shower at least two times a day : in the morning (before you start your activities) & in the evening (after you get home). Many of my friends who study abroad, can't get rid of this habit. That is why they still shower twice a day even though it is winter. They often think I'm nuts when I don't shower that day because I think the weather is too cold. But of course now, I always shower twice a is hot here in Indonesia!

Second, the bathroom itself is a bit different. It is now common to have a bathtub or shower in the bathroom, especially for the higher social class. But the majority of Indonesians still use a water container & bucket to bathe. You use the bucket to get the water from the water container & pour it on yourself (you don't get into the water container, don't think that it is used like a bathtub!)

Sit-down toilets are more common than showers/bathtubs, but still squat toilets are widely used. And then of course, you have the issue of us not using toilet paper. Yes, we use water, not toilet paper. (what is weird for you, is common for us..... And what is common for you, is weird for us :P)

So maybe now you are wondering how a traditional Indonesian bathroom looks like? Well I got this picture off the Internet (sorry, I forgot to write down the url).

Be rest assured though, that the majority of well-established malls & hotels have the standard toilets/ bathrooms like in the Western countries :)


uno said...

whoaa this is a very interesting article

Fitri said...

@uno: thanks 4 the comment! :)

indra said...

thanks for the information hopefully can provide value to the many benefits

Fitri said...

i hope so too!

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