August 18, 2008


Today, August 17th, is a public holiday in celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day. This year it is Indonesia’s 63rd year of Independence.

When you come to Indonesia during this time, you will find all over the country, houses and streets decorated with red and white flags & banners. Games & competitions are also usually held by schools, offices and neighbourhoods as part of the celebration. While for students who attend public school & for civil servants, the day usually starts off with a flag ceremony (upcara bendera) at their respective school/workplace.

Today I spent the afternoon watching the games that were held by my neigbourhood. Although the types of games/competitions held are only restricted by one’s imagination, these are a few of the typical games that you may encounter :

- Bike decorating (Lomba hias sepeda)

- Biting a spoon with marble on it. The fastest one crossing the finish line without dropping the marble is the winner. (Lomba kelereng)

- Kerupuk (deep-fried crackers) eating competition (Lomba makan kerupuk)

- Climbing an oiled pole that has various goods hanging on top (Lomba panjat pinang) Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this. It wasn’t held in my neighbourhood this time.

Selamat 17 Agustus everybody! Merdeka!


cnz said...

Pengen ikutan maiinnnnn! heuehuhee....daerah rumah gue sepiii..x(

Fitri said...

yah...gak ikutan main 17-an, tapi ikutan main outing kan ya cic hehehe

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