December 24, 2012

Cake Fads in 2012

2012 saw 2 cakes popping up in the Jakarta scene: Red Velvet cake and Rainbow cake. When they first appeared, people were willing to que for hours in order to try these cakes.

Both of these cakes are originally from America, if I'm not mistaken. Red Velvet cake is named after its red velvety appearance while Rainbow cake has layers inside according to the colours of the rainbow.
I'm not a food lover so I wasn't that intrigued to try the cakes. After the ques were no longer in sight, I tried the famous rainbow cake made by the The Goods Dept cafe. I must say it was nice, but for a slice which costed me Rp. 60,000 (equal to 3 times lunch at KFC), I think trying it that one time is enough :) 

Nowadays, almost all cake shops or cafes in Jakarta have these cakes available. But of course, the level of "deliciousness" will be different :)

Source pic: Red Velvet cake 
Source pic: Rainbow cake


BabyBeluga said...

Matt was sold by the beautiful rainbow colors, he asked for a slice of Rainbow cake when we went to a bakery in Bandung. The baker assured us that she uses natural dyes. Matt was not crazy about the cake, Jake was OK with it. I didn't try it myself, as while I was there I rather ate the traditional cakes/snacks. My kids stick with American/European foods. It was quite a problem while we're in Indonesia though :-)

Fitri said...

Yeah...I think martabak manis is better than these cakes hahaha

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