December 4, 2012

Bubble Tea

Source pic: Wikipedia
A happening drink lately in Jakarta is Bubble Tea. This drink is by no means a traditional Indonesian drink, it actually comes from Taiwan. This drink is also not entirely new, two famous bubble tea brands "Quickly" and "Hop Hop" have been in Indonesia for years now. But recently, various bubble tea brands have been popping up across malls in Jakarta.

I must say, I'm a fan of bubble tea ever since I tried this drink when I was still attending college abroad. But current bubble tea stalls have made the act of buying bubble tea an "art" as you can customize your drink starting from choosing the flavour, to the type of topping, the temperature of the drink and even its sweetness level.

So how many bubble tea brands are there now in Jakarta? Here are just a few useful links I loved reading (now these bloggers are true bubble tea fans):


BabyBeluga said...

Had it once or twice when I was in a China town in North Dallas. I like it, but my kids and hubby don't, they prefer soda

Fitri said...

maybe there's a bubble tea with soda pop flavour?? :)

freddy butarbutar said...

coba Each a Cup. franch bubble tea from spore.. di jakarta ada di mall artha gading..
EAC memiliki konsep each a brew for each a cup, yg pasti fresh dan berkualitas tehnya.. ;)
di EAC tersedia lebih dari 20 jenis teh..
price: 18-30k..
thx.. :D

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