November 13, 2009

Bazaar Mania

What are these people waiting for?

Their waiting for their turn to go
into the Charles & Keith (a Singapore-based women footwear company) bazaar, which slashed their prices by more than 50%.

This lineup was the third, after I experienced a lineup on the 6th floor, 7th floor and eventually the 8th floor before going into the hall where the bazaar took place. In total, I waited for 1 1/2 hours! (That is why they provided chairs for us to wait in).

I guess there's no financial crisis here.....or maybe because people are a bit tight on money that these kind of bazaars are then so overcrowded?

For more info on discounts in Jakarta, check out :


Crey said...

mmhh,, sebenrnya gw juga korba bazaaar dan sale or apalah namanya, hikss sayang ketinggalan yg kemarin hehehe

Matt said...

Nice that they provided chairs for you. Today was Black Friday here and people stood out at 3 in the morning for stores that open at 5AM. All to save a few dollars.

Tempo Dulu said...

Jakarta is full of money...

and unfortunately poverty :{

Carola said...

Greetings from Italy

Fitri said...

@crey: nanti deh kalo ada bazar mothercare, gue kasih tau ya hehehe
@matt: must be freezing?! hope it was worth the wait!
@tempo dulu: yup, survival of the fittest, seem to be the motto of jakarta...hehe
@carola: hi Carola, nice to meet you!

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