January 21, 2009

Creativity in Semarang

Last week I was in Semarang to monitor a project, when I noticed these big blue "vases/flowerpots" in front of the houses in one of the streets I was going through.

As I walked closer to this "thing", I saw what it actually was :

It was a garbage can made out of used car tires.

When I commented on this to the supervisor who accompanied me, she said it is common to find them in Semarang. It is usually made by the neighbourhood's PKK group (a government initiative that focuses on family welfare).

Very creative!


Antonius Bram said...

Last time, those kind of blue tyres were a common sight in Denpasar as well. I still use it in my house in Denpasar only now at a lesser frequency.

Fitri said...

Oh, I didn't know that it can be found in other parts of Indonesia as well. Well done Ibu-ibu PKK ;)

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