April 27, 2008

Inacraft (International Handicraft Trade Fair)

Today was the last day of Inacraft, an international handicraft trade fair which is held annually in Jakarta. Although its initial intention was to be a platform for Indonesian handicraft suppliers to meet potential domestic & international trade buyers, regular folks (i.e. non businessmen) also swarm every year to see this fair.

And I don't blame them, because here you can find all sorts of handicrafts from all over Indonesia : batik, songket and other Indonesian garments; silver jewellery, jewellery from pearls or precious stones; wooden furniture, rattan furniture and other housewares; stationary items and lots more!!

Besides the range of products, you can also find various types of handicraft: high quality vs medium quality, modern design vs. traditional Indonesian design....the range is hugeee....and it should be, since there are about 1000 suppliers participating in this event.

So, if you are into handicrafts, this is one of the exhibitions you shouldn't miss out on (Jakarta also holds other handicrafts fair at a smaller scale). The fair is usually held at JCC (Jakarta Convention Centre) and you need to pay a ticket to get in (don't worry...it's cheap, this year only Rp. 10.000,-).

Word of Caution though...it is usually very crowded, so if you don't like crowded places, you should come on a weekday / in the mornings.

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