March 31, 2008

Tax Time!

Just submitted my tax report the other day.

Starting last year, the government implemented a new program where each citizen must have a tax number. Before, the ones that need to have a tax number were only individuals who run a business, while employees’ taxes were handled by the company where you work.

As usual, you always have this negative impression when it comes to anything dealing with the government. So, I intentionally took 1 day leave to submit my tax report, because I thought it would take long. But it actually exceeded my expectations!

The tax office where I had to report to (Pratama Kebayoran Lama) had around 8 dedicated lockets to serve just those who wanted to submit their tax report. There were plenty of seats so you didn’t get tired while waiting for your turn & they even provided water as refreshment (a friend of mine told me that the office where she went to even served coffee & tea!).

I only waited about 1 hour for my turn, which in my opinion isn’t long considering that when I first got there, they were serving customer 585, while my number was 623, i.e. only 1,5 minutes per person.

Now, let’s hope that the tax money is used appropriately! ;)


Karla said... should put this comment in the newspaper..who knows you might be elected as the tax ambassador :)

Crey said...

let's hope for the best then..

Fitri said...

@la : prefer to be the wife of the ambassador :P

@crey : yup, lets hope so...have you signed up for a taxnumber yet? ;)

jeanne-chan said...

this is good's a rare thing so this story gives hope :)

Fitri said...

agree with you on that, it is a rare thing...maybe this is a small sign that Indonesia is moving towards a better future?!

Bijuk said...

gw msh ga rela byr pajak :p
income tax gw di spore msh lbh reasonable drpd di indo huhuhu padahal secara gaji lbh gede

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