March 28, 2008

Museum Taman Prasasti (Inscription Museum)

Address : Jl. Tanah Abang I/1, Jakarta Pusat

This museum used to be a cemetary (!) called Kebon Jahe Kober, which was actively used from 1795 - 1975.

Because of this, it is of course not indoors. It is an open-air museum, exposing you to a very nice, serene surrounding. Not that spooky, considering the background. But still, I wouldn't want to be stuck there at night :P

You can see all things related to "the dead"...many cool tombstones and equipments used up to the burial service.

(First Photo - cannonball & signage - is courtesy of Bambang Aroeng Binang)

Please check out his site for more cool pics on Museum Taman Prasasti :

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