October 8, 2013


When you go to an Indonesian restaurant, don’t be surprised to see a plate of kerupuk on your table.

Kerupuk (pronounced as kahroopook) is a deep fried cracker to be eaten with your meal. It is usually made from tapioca flour mixed with other ingredients such as prawn or fish, which are the most common ones.

However in Indonesia, there are so many varieties of kerupuk that there is even kerupuk made from dried cow skin!

Kerupuk is such a common product in Indonesia that for those die-hard fans, they cannot have a meal without it.
I remember a friend of mine who, when studying abroad, ate chips as a replacement  for kerupuk with his meal just so that he can have some “crunch”.

Kerupuk can also be eaten separately; just add a bit of sambal on top of it and it becomes a delicious snack :)


BabyBeluga said...

My boys and hubby really can't stand the smell of shrimp crackers. When we were visiting my brother and his family in Canada, my parents and sis brought some Indonesian white crackers which I think was really yummy, my nephews love them but not my londo kids. LOL

Fitri - saya turis... said...

hahaha...there are still many more kerupuk types to let them try...surely there must be one that suits their liking!!


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