May 11, 2013

Batik bags

It used to be difficult to find high quality batik bags i.e. bags made from batik tulis and leather (not the ones sold for Rp. 50,000 by street vendors in Jogja). But nowadays, there are quite a number of brands to choose from. I am going to share you a few of these brands that I follow. Many of them don't have an established shop yet, so they usually sell their goods on facebook. You can buy ready-made ones or have one custom-made for you.

- Pribumi
Facebook page:

I love Pribumi because currently it is the only one selling batik wallets that is large enough to fit all of my cards & receipts! Their service is excellent: fast response & friendly.

- Lovely batik
Facebook page:

- Envy
Facebook page:
Envy also has another more premium line:

- Kunthi
Facebook page:
Same as Envy, Kunthi also has another more premium line:

- Ziba label
Facebook page:
Ziba also has an online shopping website:

- Gia
Facebook page:

- Batik Queen
Facebook page:

- Batik Chic
This is one of the first brands that I knew. Nowadays, it has opened a shop in Kemang and it also has an online-shopping website. Maybe because of this, their facebook page seems to be not that active anymore.

Gallery: Jalan Kemang Selatan Raya no. 107B, Jakarta


eqzotik batik said...

check also for other batik bag sites

Laura said...

check also a classy tenun ikat/batik handbags & laptop bags
Indoensian handmade, handmade batik/tenun ikat combined with quality Italian leather

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