May 29, 2012

Affandi Museum

Address: Jl. Laksda Adisucipto 167, Yogyakarta
Phone : +62 274 562593

Photo of one of Affandi's self-portrait

Affandi is one of Indonesia's famous painters. This museum was once Affandi's house and studio, but now it showcases his works.

The entrance fee is only Rp. 20,000,- which includes a free souvenir and 1 free drink. I felt the museum was really pleasant as the surrounding was filled with lush greens. In the middle, is his residence which has been turned into a cafe where visitors can relax after going through the museum. The roof of this building is quite unique - shaped as a banana leaf.
Residence turned cafe

There are 3 main galleries in the museum. The first gallery showcases Affandi's paintings, the second is filled with paintings made by his friends, and in the third gallery, you can find paintings painted by some of his children who have also become painters. 

You can also watch a documentary about Affandi in the third gallery. I watched for a few minutes, where Affandi explained how he needs to observe objects before painting them so that he can "become" them. 

Affandi, as one probably would expect from an artist, was quite eccentric. Before going to the museum, I have heard stories of Affandi where he would not bathe for days, so his wife would hose him down. I actually got to see a photograph of this in the museum :)

Affandi & Wife
Affandi museum lies near Yogyakarta's international airport, about 15 minutes drive. So it is a good stop to spend 1 or 2 hours before you hop on your plane.

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