October 31, 2010

Ring of Fire

Indonesia lies on the "Pacific Ring of Fire", an area that has around 75% of the world's volcanoes. As luck has it, the volcanoes in Indonesia are among the most active ones. Just a couple of months ago, the media in Indonesia was filled with news of Mount Sinabung's eruption. Now, the attention turns to Mount Merapi. This mountain is close to Yogyakarta. On a clear day and from certain spots, you can see this mountain soaring high. I think this is why there is such a strong tie between Merapi and Yogyakarta.

Merapi seen from Yogya
Pic by ~gibrantoz on deviant art (http://gibrantoz.deviantart.com/#/dw3dw5)

Yogyakarta was once a kingdom on its own (with a king (Sultan) and his own court). However, with Indonesia's independence, it agreed to become part of Indonesia as a province with "special" status. Til now, the people are known to still hold and practice the ancient Javanese mystical beliefs and traditions. According to these beliefs, mount Merapi plays a very important role to the extent that it has its own gatekeeper who leads a yearly ceremony called Labuhan. In this ceremony, the Sultan's personal belongings are offered to the mountain.

Regardless of this, Mount Merapi has been revered by many because of its beauty and the fertile soil surrounding it. Millions of photos have been taken of it and many people have climbed its slopes. But with the eruption, the grounds are now covered in ashes
and rescue workers occupy the area to attend the evacuees. A big shout of respect to all.

Pic by ~sisasapigila on deviant art (http://sisapigila.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2jb800)
Just heard now that Mount Anak Krakatau has also increased its activities in the past days. Pray for Indonesia!


Matt said...

I remember seeing Merapi when I was in Yogyakarta as well as flying over it. Very impressive. It's so sad to think about all the people being affected by the eruption right now. Definitely praying for the people of Indonesia.

Fitri said...

Thanks Matt for your prayers! Merapi masih terus bergejolak :(

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