September 12, 2009

Just a glimpse of BenHil

Entering the last week of fasting, things haven't slown down at work. It's as if it's just a normal September month, while actually in Indonesia, the fasting month (Ramadhan) is a joyous occasion with lots of traditions attached to it. It is a time where you prioritize your spiritual needs, it's a time to re-connect with your friends and family......... It's a time where you become easy target for marketers!

Such an irony, where logically if you fast you consume less, in Indonesia many actually consume more. As a friend of mine pointed out, he actually spends more on food and drink during the Ramadhan because after breaking the fast, he'd go and buy any kind of food he wants, regardless of the price. It's in a way to make up for not eating during the whole day, as he puts it.

My mother also usually cooks more delicious food during the Ramadhan. She says that it is so that we would get excited and become more motivated to fast.

Gatherings with family and friends for breaking the fast are also a common activity during the Ramadhan. So be aware that restaurants are usually packed from 17.30 - 19.00.

Anywayssss.... temporary food sellers often spring up during the Ramadhan. One area in Jakarta which is famous for this is called BenHil (short for Bendungan Hilir - remember we Indonesians just love our abbreviations). Not only do the food tickle your taste buds, they are a feast to the eyes as well. This is just a glimpse of the things you can find there.


dew said...

hey ,Fitri ,

here is Dew Ye, coming from Shanghai and currently living and working in Jakarta.Being a new comer to this city ,your blog describling at every aspect of this city makes me reconsidering City J with some untold ,undisclosed ,and not easily undiscoverable charm.Just want to say 'Big Thanks ' to you and your words.

All Best and Happy Ramadhan

Dew Ye (

Fitri said...

Hi Dew Ye! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Jakarta has many faces (as I've learned through the years). Hopefully you'll have lots of good memories to bring back to Shanghai (besides the bad ones, like "macet")!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,Fitri,for sure for the coming year I will find out some fun in Jakarta except for 'macet'.Thanks for all the information you have written in your blog .

keep updating
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