July 5, 2009

Bird Park in TMII

I had wanted to go to Taman Mini's Bird Park for quite some time, so when my cousins came to Jakarta, I gladly suggested that we went there.

Because of Indonesia's geographical position, it has a unique blend of fauna. Western Indonesia's fauna is related to Asiatic species while Eastern Indonesia is more influenced by Australasian. The Wallace line separates these two regions.

The bird park in Taman Mini is arranged by this concept. There are two main domes in the park : the West dome (where you can see birds from Sumatera, Java, Bali and Kalimantan) and the East dome (where there are birds from Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua). Between the two domes, there is a small pond which serves as the imaginary Wallace line.

Left : Say Cheese...actually I'm shivering inside, hoping the kakatua doesn't bite me!


Matt said...

Wow!! I bet there are many interesting birds there that most people never heard of before. I will have to go there when I come to Jakarta next.

Fitri said...

The entrance fee is Rp. 7.000,- (not even a dollar)...so very good value for money. if you do go, go on the weekdays matt (less crowded), i'm sure you'll get wonderful pictures :)

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