April 9, 2009

Masuk Angin

This week is a long holiday in Indonesia because we have elections today (the government announced it as a public holiday in order to encourage people to vote) and of course tomorrow is Good Friday.

However, I think I can't enjoy the holiday since after voting (yes, I've been a good citizen and voted, even though I was overwhelmed with the choices), I don't feel well. I think I have catched "masuk angin".

Masuk angin is a common ailment in Indonesia which literally translates into "wind entering". I don't know whether wind actually does enter into your body, but it does feel like that. It feels like your body is bloated, especially your stomach, because there is wind inside, and this gives an unpleasant feeling of course.

The best relief is to get the wind out by burping.

I usually rub some balsam or drink hot tea, but many Indonesians, especially those in Java, use the traditional method of "kerokan". This is a process where your body is rubbed with oil (usually your back) and then a coin is dragged on it, which will leave red marks.

I've never been "kerok"-ed and people who are not used to it may find it a painful process, but people who are used to it say it's not.

Source of kerokan photo : http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3511/3298853771_99ab8d6ae7.jpg


Matt said...

My wife usually uses cajuput oil. But then she uses that for just about everything. :)

Fitri said...

ah yes...minyak kayu putih, our first aid essential :)

Crey said...

senjata ampuh gw dr jaman skripsi: koyo cabe!!! hehehehe

kaskade said...

I miss Indo...used to spend months at a time trekking through the countryside.

Now my only reminders of the beautiful spots are an occasional order from those who believe in green.

Someone from BANDAR LAMPUNG in Sumatra, just place a substantial order for green children's clothes from our etailer, www.greenedgekids.com

I'd love to delivery it personally ;-)

Anyone know Andreas Wijaya?



Fitri said...

@Crey : mainannya mantap bo..koyo cabe...hehehe

@Jim : Sorry Jim...I don't know anyone by the name of Andreas Wijaya. But you should come to Indonesia anyways :)

Anonymous said...

I always like kerokan especially when it is done by my aunty. She's the best kerokaner (is there any term for the people who is the kerokan?? :P ) anyway, for me it is the best solution when wind enters your body.
That's why I love my Indonesian habit and tradition, when I was abroad I never had my kerokan session there :(

Fitri said...

@Di : maybe you can teach your yayang, so that you can get kerokan in perth hehehe ;)

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