March 15, 2009

Watching movies

As part of my plan to save money for my Europe vacation, I haven't gone to the movies in months. But I just couldn't say no when a friend suggested that we watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic". It is one of those chick flicks best watched with your (also single) buddies.

In Jakarta, there are 2 major movie theater chains :
- 21 Cineplex
21 Cineplex has been around for many years. It has branches all over Indonesia.
Blitzmegaplex is a new comer, first opening in Bandung in 2006 and then opened in Jakarta in 2007.

Both of them have their own selling points: It is almost certain a 21 theatre is located somewhere near you & tickets at 21 are way cheaper, but Blitz has a wider choice of movies.

Indie movies and world cinemas are often shown at Blitz, while 21 usually only shows Hollywood blockbuster movies. For example, the acclaimed "Slumdog millionaire" was available at Blitz (until today, it is still showing) but it didn't hit 21 theatres at all.

Overall, going to the movies is not really expensive in Indonesia. However, if you're like me, when every penny counts because Euro is getting more expensive by the second, there is always the other option :
patiently wait a few weeks and then buy the movie on DVD, pirated of course...just Rp.70.000 (around 6 USD) you can get 10 DVDs+1 free. :)


Syafique said...

Malaysia has two main cinemas as well: GSC and TGV. They pretty much show the same movies so if you can't get tix in GSC, then you can go to TGV. GSC also has a Gold Class...which costs around RM 60 per ticket.. and u get a comfortable chair, drink and pop corn. If am not mistaken, there is also a blanket. But I am not sure about this cuz it's too pricey to spend RM 60 on a movie tix. I always go to the normal ones... :D

Uchan said...

Thx, but I prefer to download it, rather than buying the pirated version.

Fitri said...

@Syaf : We have premium classes here too...& I never go their either...hehe

@Uchan : What provider do you use? I'm currently using IM2 but it's getting slower by the day...yours must be very fast that you can d/l movies!

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