February 21, 2009

Obama pizza

I am amazed with Indonesian food. There are so many to choose from, reflecting the diversity of cultures Indonesia is made up of. And so many of them are absolutely delicious. However, I cannot lie. All the Indonesian dishes cannot beat a pizza, my most favorite food (I blame my childhood for this).

Luckily, there are many pizza joints to choose from in Jakarta. You have the international brands such as Pizza Hut (of course, they're everywhere), Domino's (just recently opened) and Pizza Marzano, and then there are a few local brands :
Papa Ron's, Fast Eddie's and Izzi pizza. Although these 3 are local brands, all of them are actually founded by foreigners.

Yesterday, I went to Izzi pizza & found out that they had a special menu called "Obama pizza".

Obama-mania certainly hit Indonesia during the campaign period, where the local media kept emphasizing that Obama went to school in Indonesia. After the elections, there was a small incident where Obama answered in Indonesian during a state department visit. This incident was also quite talked about...and now that I've seen this pizza, I can't help wondering: Is there an SBY dish anywhere?

SBY = Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesia's current president


Matt said...

Interesting...Obama seems more popular in Indonesia than here in the US. I have yet to see an Obama pizza. Both Papa Ron's and Izzi's look nice. Here we have Papa Johns and Izzy's. Izzy's has turned more into a buffet type restaurant where you can get more than just pizza. Your Izzi's looks a bit more upscale. So did you try the Obama pizza and was it any good?

Fitri said...

I didn't try it. I thought the idea of it was kind of weird, rendang sauce on pizza (?), which essentially means you're eating rendang with cheese...hmm...i'm not the adventurous type when it comes to food...

Anonymous said...

Believe me, thought the idea was a little weird as well... then I tasted the Obama Pizza, and all I can say is that it was amazing!

Syaf said...

Hey there,

This is Syaf from Malaysia.

I really love your blog! Just like you, I used to follow my parents around the world and guess what, we were posted to Medan (1994 - 1997). I love the place and I love my life there. I practically spent my childhood years in Indonesia.

Rendang + Cheese? Hmm, that's really not a good combination. Hehehe. Have you tried Satay Pizza? Pizza Hut Malaysia sometimes has that as their promotion esp during Hari Raya!

Fitri said...

Hi Syaf!

Pizza Hut over here is also very innovative in combining Indonesian recipes in their pizza list, but I've never tried them.

But I think I should...especially now that Anonymous said that the Obama pizza tastes great...just to widean my "taste range"..

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