October 16, 2008

Kite Museum (Museum Layang-layang Indonesia)

Address : Jl. H. Kamang 38, Pondok Labu, Jakarta Selatan
Telephone : +62 21 765 8075

This museum features all kinds of kites. Kites were
first popularized nearly 3000 years ago in China. However, the question of when the first kite was invented, has not been answered yet. A drawing on the cave walls of Muna in Sulawesi has stirred up the discussion that kites may have been flown long before that.

With an entrance fee of Rp.10.000,- (which is a bit higher than the normal entrance fee for museums in Jakarta), you will be assigned a guide who explains the various kites in the museum. Also included in the fee is a lesson on kite making & watching a short film on kite flying.

The museum also provides workshops for making batik & ceramics.

Traditionally, kites were made out of leaves

Traditional Kite from Bali

Traditional Kites from Sumatera

"Paired Kites" from Kalimantan (left is female, right is male)

Creation Kites (Modern)

Devices to help manoeuvre the creation kites

Look at how small these kites are! Smaller than the mobilephone chain


Anonymous said...

heiy, i never noticed that there's such museum in pondok labu...i live in that area!!

thanx for sharing...it's cool..


Fitri said...

You're welcome! :) Have fun at the museum, particularly if you have children, it is great to go to.

Anonymous said...

Bagi yang punya GPS, coordinatnya



Fitri said...

Hi Donald, Makasih infonya ya!

Herries A. said...

Hi Fitri,
Nice blog about the Kite Museum, Thank You.
Just want to update some things:
Additional Phone No. 7590.4863
Website: www.museum-layang.com

If you need to contact me:
My name is Herries A.
email at: museum_layang@yahoo.com

Fitri said...

Hi Herries. I really enjoyed the visit to the Kite museum. Wish you lots of luck with it in the future!

evri said...

saya sangat berminat dengan konten layang-layang. kita bisa berbagi informasi.
www.evri-layang-layang blogspot.com

Fitri said...

tadi baru berkunjung ke blognya....Pengen juga sekali-kali ikut liat festival layang2...tapi sering telat dapet info jadwalnya... mungkin di blognya bisa dimuat?

evri said...

Thank' ya. Aku baru pertama ini ngeblog mudah2an akan lebih baik tampilan nya dan kita bisa share lah.

Anonymous said...

saya lagi cari buku Layang-layang Indonesia: indonesian kites,, terbitan museum layang-layang.
Bisa menghubungi siapa, kalau misalnya saya mau beli?
Saya mau nulis artikel ilmiah,,

kontak/ FB: deni_jusmani@yahoo.com
YM: deni_jusmani.



Fitri said...

hai deni, mungkin bisa dicoba kontak mas Herries yang juga pernah ninggalin comment di posting ini:

Herries A.
email at: museum_layang@yahoo.com

Semoga bisa!

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