February 21, 2008

Blenger Burger

Address : Jalan Lamandau IV, Blok M

With all the commotion of Burger King re-opening in Jakarta, I'd like to ask you : Have you ever tried Jakarta's own local grilled-burger? Have you ever even heard of any?

If you answered no, please try "Blenger Burger", located in the Blok M area (which so happens to be conveniently near my house :) ). This burger is quite famous. Considering you can already buy one for around Rp. 10.000,-, it is very value for money. The size is quite big with lettuce, kyuri & onion to add more flavour + .... melted cheese (my favorite...yummyyy...). Besides burger, there is also a choice of hotdogs & juice to quench your thirst.

The only downside is that there are only a few tables to sit down, making this burger best enjoyed if taken home.

Word of Caution :
Blenger Burger opens a bit late : from 12.00 (noon), except Fridays when it opens after the Friday Moslem prayer (13.30).


Intan said...

and there heaps of burger outlets all over Jakarta, one of the "IT" place for enjoying a burger is Jalan Tebet Utara Raya, in fact you could find all sorts of food outlets in this area as well as clothing outlets (AKA Distro shops)

Fitri said...

Tan...we should hangout there..do some "research" for my blog... :)

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